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Welcome to Southlink Communication the most served Internet Service Provider of the Dhaka.

Southlink Commucation  is an Internet Services Provider initiative of the Leased Optical Fiber Network across the city of Dhaka measuring about 300 Km of Underground and Own Optical Fiber Network in Bangladesh measuring about 10000 Km of Aerial. Southlink Commucation  offers state-of-the-art Managed Network Services to enterprises across all verticals. Southlink Commucation  operates through 10 Gbps Optical fiber mesh and 1 Gbps Wireless ring with multi network of POP’s across the city of Dhaka and is in the process of similar networks across other cities.Be it a small, medium or a large enterprise we have proven solution for each and every need. Our network presence and experience in the field of telecom & IT combined with direct support across offers our esteemed clients a high degree of satisfaction. Southlink Communication offers a complete range of network solutions like Internet, Data Connectivity, Network Management Services, Data Centre and Co-location Services and Value-Added Services like Internet Telephony, World famous networking and business equipment etc.


Each of our activities must benefit and add value to the common wealth of our society. We firmly believe that, in the final analysis we are accountable to each of the constituents with whom we interact; namely: our employees, our customers and our fellow citizens.


We are the leader in providing internet services, software & systems integration services. We ensure that our customers are successful by understanding and being responsive to their needs, as well as working collaboratively with them to provide one-stop faster, cost-competitive and scalable services that create competitive advantages in the world of electronic communication.

Our Technical Strengths:

  • Nationwide ISP and Data connectivity Service Provider.
  • 15 years experienced  ISP
  • All our pop’s are Auto Redundant & connected by Radio & Fiber
  • Our network coverage is all over the Country
  • Committed uptime: 99%
  • Real IP redundancy with any ISP
  • Security Firewall to Protect Client’s Network from Unauthorized Access
  • 24/7  Customer Service
  • Own Fiber Optics backbone all over Dhaka
  • Multiple Radio Base-stations.
  • Multiple IIG (International Internet Gateway) for redundancy.
  • Authorized distributor and certified training partner of Mikrotik
  • Http Filter for unwanted site like Facebook, Twitter, BD Jobs can be blocked.
  • 10GB Backbone
  • BDIX connectivity

Professional Services: System Integrator

Southlink Coummication was found on a simple but incredibly powerful vision for the future of the network: “Connect everything and Empower everyone. We are dedicated to uncovering ideas and creating the innovations that will serve the exponential demands of the networked world. To do this, we’re leading the charge to architecting the network, built on simplicity, security, openness and scale. At  Southlink Commucation  , we believe the network is the single greatest vehicle for knowledge, understanding, and human advancement the world has ever known. The great task of delivering a new network for the next decade is built on the creativity and commitment of our people. We are able to provide service and support on a regular basis with our team members and they will provide many benefits to our clients and customers for better services.

We gained in-depth knowledge for last 12 years, we know downtime means great loss for any business therefore the network was designed with low latency and backed by highly reliable redundant backbones; we assure our customers operation can run smoothly, efficiently and without interruption, the quality and reliability of our services is guaranteed in terms of service levels.At present, we are able to connect you to virtually anywhere in the country with Point to Point or Multi-point Connectivity offering different services such as Dedicated Internet Access, Unified Communications (Data, Voice & Video) Services managed and supported by our experienced & certified professionals trained in understanding the respective data transmission environment, including local regulations and procedures.With our converged network infrastructure that cost-effectively delivers new and future services. Our network supports the bandwidth and network requirements for any organizations small, medium or large.

Some Features of Our Internet Service:

  • Point to Point Fiber Optic Connection
  • Backup Connection for any fiber casualties
  • Core network has backup using secondary fiber cable
  • Provide Committed Bandwidth to Corporate and Data Centers
  • Bandwidth monitoring through MRTG graph
  • Dedicated (Full Duplex) Bandwidth
  • Lowest latency
  • Dedicated Technical Engineer for solving any kinds of technical issues
  • Several Real IP’s.
  • Redundant connectivity

Southlink Coummication was found on a simple but incredibly powerful vision for the future of the network: “Connect everything and Empower everyone.

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