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    Southlink Commucation is an Internet Services Provider initiative of the Leased Optical Fiber Network across the city of Dhaka measuring about 300 Km of Underground and Own Optical Fiber Network in Bangladesh.

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  • 100% fiber-optic network

    Fiber-optic internet is the fastest residential internet technology available.Fiber internet works using fiber-optic lines, which are cables that contain strands of glass.If fiber optic internet is available in your area.

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  • Cheap Internet Package

    Get the fastest & best Broadband internet service in Dhaka. Enjoy fast Internet & best great offers & campaigns.

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  • Corporate Internet

    Dedicated bandwidth is a guaranteed magnitude of high speed bandwidth with committed Rate of Information. Dedicated bandwidth is 100% dedicated to a specific client.

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  • Dedicated Web Hosting

    We provide clients with a standardized and inexpensive hosting solution. Our web hosting packages can also be customized based on your business’ needs. Here at FixMyWeb, you are assured with a secure and reliable hosting service.


Welcome to Southlink Communication the most served Internet Service Provider of the Dhaka.

Corporate Internet Connectivity:

Dedicated bandwidth is a guaranteed magnitude of high speed bandwidth with committed Rate of Information (CRI). Dedicated bandwidth is 100% dedicated to a specific client, with no sharing, no… read more

Home Internet Connectivity:

Shared broadband is specially designed for home user and SME’s and connectivity is provided sensitive companies. The rate is highly feasible but Internet speed is faster. Connectivity is provided through Wireless, Fibre optic and Dsl technology… read more

Data Connectivity:

In this modern age of times Data Connectivity becomes very popular and secured way to communicate between branches. You can use Data Connectivity for various purposes like; CC Camera surveillance of your Offices, Showroom and home… read more

Fiber Optic Broadband:

Fiber-optics uses light to transmit data, a totally different architecture from that used by ADLS or VSAT. AlwaysOn Fiber-to-the-Business enables a wide variety of uses, from real time applications, web based applications, telemedicine, VoIP & Video. FTTB is more

WiFi Hotspot  Connectivity:

WiFi hotspots to be located in popular, high traffic locations. Each Wireless Access Point (WAP) is designed to serve multiple establishments such as retail stores, cafes, restaurants, offices, clubs, outdoor malls, and parks.. read more

Web Hosting:

Best domain & web hosting company in Bangladesh. We offer 100% reliable web hosting & domain registration service at the cheapest price. We Have Perfect Web Hosting Package for you Choose your suitable web hosting packages or call us for help… read more
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